Jury Awards Over $700,000 To Young Woman After T-Bone Collision

Posted on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

Victim Refuses to Let Crash Define Her

When Elizabeth Knazick was just 25 years old, she was involved in a t-bone motor vehicle collision. As she was pulling out of a parking lot, Marvin Bond abruptly pulled out in front of her car, causing the collision. Although Knazick suffered from many injuries and had to undergo extensive surgery due to the crash, she refused to let it define her or change the way she lived her life.

Conservative Treatment Wasn’t Cutting It

Knazick started with conservative care to treat her injuries, such as trying different types of medication and participating in physical therapy. However, she wasn’t making much progress, so she was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon performed a left shoulder arthroscopy on Knazick, as well as two lower back epidural injections and a neck facet injection. In the end, Knazick was left permanently injured due to the crash, but she refused to let it stop her from doing what she loved.

Defense Secretly Surveils Victim

During the case, the defense secretly surveilled Knazick for 50 hours. They also downloaded pictures of her working, traveling, and spending time with loved ones from her social media.

The defense tried to use their findings to prove that the collision didn’t have as much of an effect on Knazick as she said it did. Also, Knazick was involved in a second car accident a year after the first one. The defense claimed that the second crash caused Knazick’s injuries and not the one involving their client: Bond. However, the jury saw past the defense’s tactics and attempt to shift the blame.

Coker Law Fights for Knazick

Originally, the best offer from the Defendant was $60,000. However, Knazick beat her Proposal for Settlement to the Defendant which entitles her to her attorneys’ fees and costs. After attorneys’ fees and costs are taken into account, the judgment will likely exceed $1,000,000. The trial experience and dedication of Coker Law’s attorneys and staff involved in Knazick’s case allowed them to successfully present her story while swatting down the defense tactics. “When the defendant’s insurance company is being unreasonable, our team is ready to walk side-by-side with our client into any courtroom,” said Coker Law Attorney Fraz Ahmed. “In this case, we couldn’t be more happy for Elizabeth.” Thanks to the efforts of Fraz and the team at Coker Law, they were able to win Knazick $702,166.64.

Case Title: Elizabeth Knazick v. Marvin Bond

Attorneys/Staff Involved in Case: Fraz Ahmed, David C. Thompson, Nick Zissimopulos (Co-Counsel); Laura Page – Paralegal, Annette Morris – Paralegal, Kelly Anderson – Legal Assistant

Date of Settlement or Jury Verdict: January 10, 2019

Amount of Jury Verdict: $702,166.64 with 15% comparative fault