Inadequate Security

INAPPROPRIATE-SECURITYProperty owners have a legal duty to provide a safe environment for their patrons, renters and guests, including a duty to protect them against harm caused by foreseeable criminal acts.

Providing adequate security measures such as hiring security guards, installing sufficient lighting, installing security video cameras, keeping bushes and hedges from growing too tall and providing sturdy locks and alarms on doors and windows are a part of this duty. When property/business owners fail to provide these measures, residents and guests are put at risk for criminal attack. The adequacy of the security measures employed may vary depending upon the location and type of business being operated.

07Inadequate security can occur in several situations:

Negligent security cases often involve violent criminal attacks such as rape, assault, battery, murder, robbery and, more recently, terrorism. These cases have been successfully concluded against owners/operators of businesses including: shopping centers, banks, bars, hotels, restaurants, schools and universities, airlines, parking lots, condominium and apartment buildings, homeowners’ associations, event promoters, night clubs, strip clubs, video arcades, bowling alleys, private security companies, daycare facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and office buildings.

The attorneys at Coker Law have successfully litigated many such cases where the failure of a land/business owner to provide adequate security resulted in the death of guests or patrons or left them with severe, life altering injuries. We have the resources and know-how to represent you in these types of cases.