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A Home Away from Home: Becky Biastre's 25-Year Career at Coker Law

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The concept of home extends far beyond a physical space; it's about feeling unconditionally accepted and supported, and it seems rare to find this kind of comfort in a workplace. However, for Becky Biastre, her job at Coker Law feels like a home away from home, both due to the building’s quiet charm and the wonderful people at the firm -- which at one time included her own daughter!

Twenty-five years ago, on May 3, 1999, Becky began her remarkable journey at Coker Law, where she started as a legal assistant after a chance referral, not knowing this would be the start of a long and fulfilling career. Over the years, she has supported several attorneys and was promoted into a paralegal role. She supports Charles A. Sorenson, Chase Sorenson, and Trevor Hawes.

An especially fun time she had at the firm was one Halloween when Charles Sorenson’s staff dressed up as Charlie’s Angels! (Fun Fact: Howard Coker is one of the only people who uses the nickname Charlie for Charles, so this was a fun nod to that.)

For Becky, walking into the office feels like a second home. The firm’s location and welcoming atmosphere create a sense of belonging, but what makes it even more special to her are the people. She shared that many staff have worked here for decades; sharing in each other's personal and professional triumphs and forming lasting bonds. She enjoys the firm’s frequent outings and having the chance to catch up with friends and colleagues from the office. She has had many workspaces through the years, with her current offering a lovely view of the green space outside of our office.

Becky takes pride in how strongly the firm advocates for individuals who have been permanently injured, disfigured, and/or disabled through no fault of their own. While it's a challenging and often emotional journey, the victories bring a deep sense of satisfaction and validation in bringing resolution to the lives of our clients. It is evident Becky cares deeply about our clients. Staff noted that Becky is known for going the extra mile, as well as her attention to detail throughout the litigation process.

Coker Law has always been a family-oriented law firm, and our team and clients are all part of that family. In conversation with shareholders Trevor Hawes and Dana Jacobs, they shared that our team and clients adore working with Becky! One of the traits Dana most admires is Becky’s patient and effective way of communicating the complexities of litigation in an easy-to-understand way for our clients. Trevor added Trevor added that since he’s joined the firm Becky’s helpful nature and wealth of experience has helped welcome him to the Coker Law family. He greatly appreciates her dedication to the firm and the great care and compassion she takes in working with our clients.

Becky is a Jacksonville native with deep roots in the community. She and her husband, Lonn, have been married for thirty years and have three children, two sons-in-law, and a beautiful grandbaby. Their daughter, Lauren, was also a Coker Law employee until she gave birth to Becky’s grandbaby, Isaac Archer, just seven months ago!

While a home is typically thought of as the place where one resides, there are some rare places that strike a special chord in our hearts and make them feel like a second home. For Becky, coming to Coker Law every day feels like visiting her extended family in a second home. She gets immense satisfaction from helping people in the community find peace and justice after injuries disrupt their lives. We’re so thankful to Becky for spending her career at Coker Law!

A Home Away from Home: Becky Biastre's 25-Year Career at Coker Law
A Home Away from Home: Becky Biastre's 25-Year Career at Coker Law

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