Date 7.21.2020

Coker Law’s Experience in Injury Cases Convinces Insurance Company

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Coker Law’s Experience in Injury Cases Convinces Insurance Company

As Joni Smith headed home from her job teaching deaf students she was rear-ended in a violent collision of cars. The impact was so forceful it slammed Smith’s car into the car in front of her. These back to back blows caused herniations in her neck resulting in injuries and pain that will plague her for the rest of her life. She began pain management procedures to try to find some relief from the searing pain shooting down her neck and back. It was heartbreaking for her to learn that she would never be completely rid of pain and discomfort no matter what she did. The pain even makes it difficult to focus while she is teaching her deaf students.

Insurance Company Denies Coverage

Smith received another blow when the insurance company of the driver who hit her refused to help pay for her much needed on-going pain treatments. They claimed she wasn’t that hurt and did not need medical treatment. She turned to Coker Law for help. “Her injuries are clearly present and painful,” said Coker Law attorney David Thompson. “Ms. Smith does such a great service for our community in helping deaf children who otherwise would not get help, we knew she needed our help to continue her work and her life.”

Experience Makes All the Difference

The legal team at Coker Law knew from more than 40 years of experience that insurance companies don’t always evaluate cases properly. This was a case where they believed their client and through medical examinations, records and persistence they built a powerful case that provided the proof that Smith was permanently injured as a result of the crash. As the trial date approached, the insurance company recognized the improper evaluation they had given Smith’s case and settled with her for even more than the maximum of the insurance policy coverage.

Ultimately, the experience of the firm to properly evaluate and present a personal injury case caused by a negligent driver made all the difference in Smith’s case. She will now receive the true value of her injuries, now and for the future impact on her quality of life.

Coker Law Can Help You

The experienced team of trial attorneys at Coker Law know that serious injuries related to a negligent driver of a car or truck can be devastating, and that financial losses due to such injuries can be a catastrophic blow to anyone. Our goal is to obtain prompt, just and fair compensation for all of our clients’ losses. If you suspect that you or someone you love has been a victim of a negligent driver, contact Coker Law at (904) 299-0808 or click here to schedule a consultation.

Case Title: Smith v. Owen-Thomas

Attorneys/Staff involved in case: Attorney David Thompson, Paralegal Annette Morris, Legal Secretary Sarah Mahar

Date of Settlement: 04/13/2020

Settlement: $100,000

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