Date 3.14.2018

Golfer Gets Verdict That Gets Her Back on the Greens

Posted By: Coker Law

Rhonda Ferguson’s life was certainly a busy one.  A professional golfer, with a passion for teaching golf to women and children, she was either on the greens or on the road bringing the love of the game to everyone she could.  In her spare time, she took in the sights internationally with her husband, whose job took him around the world.  An active and vibrant woman, Rhonda made the most of every day.  But that all changed on June 18th in 2013, when she was traveling over the Buckman Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida.  Another driver was speeding over the bridge and lost control of their vehicle, they slid sideways into Rhonda’s lane and slammed into her car.  The impact forced Rhonda’s vehicle into the retaining wall and she lost consciousness.

That day changed her life forever.  No more the carefree traveler and avid golfer, Rhonda now began a grueling journey to regain her mobility and ability to play even a few holes on the course.  The crash caused fractures to her foot, torn ligaments and a permanent bone injury to her ankle, along with painful herniated discs in her cervical spine.  Facing a life time of pain management for her ankle and cervical spine, and potential future surgeries for an ankle and cervical fusion she turned to the attorneys at Coker Law.

This case was litigated for several years and defended by two prominent, defense firms, with two big insurance companies paying for the defense. No reasonable offers that would cover Rhonda’s medical expenses, or her lifetime of physical therapy, were ever made by the Defendants prior to or during trial.  The Defendants tried to claim that Rhonda’s injuries were not that significant, due to her efforts to travel again and her ability to maintain some of her golf game, as reflected on social media.

Many law firms would not have litigated the case and taken it to trial, due to that two excellent defense firms were involved, the minimal offers made by the defendants and that Rhonda herself had posted photos of playing golf and traveling on her social media sites.

Due to the resources available at Coker Law and the team approach employed at trial, justice was achieved for Rhonda. The firm showed that when comparing her treatment schedule to her golf and travel schedule, it confirmed what Rhonda said all along, that she could only play golf and travel to any degree because of her constant home exercises, medical care, pain management care, and physical therapy she receives before and after these trips.

The result achieved was a verdict amount of $1,051,630.00, well in excess of the $10,000 policy limits for the offending driver and the $150,000 policy limits from State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.

“It was extremely satisfying to achieve justice for Rhonda Ferguson after a long, hard-fought, battle that lasted many years against two insurance companies,” said lead attorney, Matthew Posgay.  “Rhonda Ferguson was permanently injured due to the crash and will suffer from these injuries for the rest of her life. The jury knew this was true and did not let out of context social media posts and an insurance company hired doctor stand in the way of justice.”

Attorneys/staff involved in case: Matthew Posgay, Stefano Portigliati, Chase Sorenson, Denora Buben, Cristiana Bachman

Date of Settlement or Jury Verdict: Verdict 10/20/17

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