Date 7.01.2024

The Importance of School Supervision

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Parents expect their kids to be supervised at school. If teachers and faculty fail to provide adequate supervision in school, it could not only put the student’s education at risk, but it could also result in violence. School faculty is expected to provide students with structure and stability in the classroom. By providing adequate supervision, students are less likely to be injured while on school grounds. 

Common Causes of School Injuries 

Roughly 25% of student injuries occurring on school property are preventable. 

The most common causes of school injuries typically stem from physical activities like sports or recess. Some injuries may be related to the improper maintenance of school grounds.

Whereas, inadequate supervision by school faculty can result in violence, bullying, or accidents while driving through school zones

Understanding School Liabilities for Injuries 

Florida law requires that property owners keep their grounds and facilities reasonably safe for visitors. If a student is injured on school property, you have the right to seek legal recourse for their injuries. 

When a property owner fails to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition resulting in a person’s injury, they may be held legally responsible for their damages. 

Public Schools vs Private Schools 

If your child is injured at a public or private school in Florida, the school could be held liable. This depends on the specifics of the incident, including the type of injury, when and where it took place, and whether the school or its faculty adequately addressed the situation. 

Public Schools

Public schools are considered a government entity, meaning they are protected under Florida’s Sovereign Immunity Laws. This means suing the school for personal injury claims is a bit more complex than standard personal injury claims. For example, Florida requires parents or guardians to contact the school district about the intent to sue before filing a lawsuit.

Private Schools

Unlike public schools, private schools have no government funding. They are considered independent entities that function closer to a business than a school. This means parents and guardians have a more straightforward approach to bringing forth a lawsuit. 

What to Do if Your Child is Injured at School 

If your child is injured in school, it is imperative to take them to a medical provider to ensure all of the necessary injuries are addressed and documented. 

Consulting with a Premise Liability Lawyer will help determine if the child’s injury was sustained due to negligent supervision or from an act of violence committed on school grounds.

Coker Law: Protecting the Rights of Injured Children 

Here at Coker Law, we believe that students have the right to an education without fear or risk of preventable injuries. If your child was injured at school, contact us to begin exploring your options as soon as possible!

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