Date 10.21.2019

The Signs Were There But Doctors Failed To Identify A Stroke

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In February 2014, Timothy Shirley was rushed to the hospital with classic signs and symptoms of a stroke, like slurred speech and one-sided weakness. EMS personnel brought Mr. Shirley to the Emergency Department at a local Orange Park Hospital, which was certified as a Primary Stroke Center. Donna Shirley suggested this facility, as she thought the hospital would be fully equipped to provide Mr. Shirley with the best care possible in the event that he was having a stroke. However, instead of receiving the essential treatment to minimize the damage, the healthcare providers failed to call a stroke alert, failed to call a neurologist, and failed to timely diagnose Mr. Shirley with a stroke.

Healthcare Providers’ Negligence Leads to Lifelong Suffering

By the time Mr. Shirley’s stroke was confirmed, it was too late; the doctors stated that he was ineligible for any treatment options and there was nothing more they could do. Due to the health care providers’ negligence, Mr. Shirley would be forced to live the rest of his life with the devastating consequences of not having the proper treatment in a timely manner.

Donna knew that Tim deserved justice and the only way to obtain it would be to prove that the treatment providers in the Emergency Department at an Orange Park Hospital were negligent. She heard about the Coker Law team’s proven results and turned to them for help. All of the medical malpractice cases Coker Law handles are reviewed by a four-person team, each with their own unique experience and case history with hospitals, doctors, private medical practices, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.

Coker Law Begins the Battle For Justice

Attorney Lindsay Tygart, along with Of Counsel Rufus Pennington IIIPartner Dan Iracki, and Founding Partner Howard Coker, knew they needed to work together to bring Mr. Shirley the justice he deserved. There was a very difficult liability picture, as in medical malpractice cases against emergency department providers; there is a heightened standard, which must be proven. The Coker Law team worked tirelessly to prove the negligence of the treatment providers in the Emergency Department at this Orange Park Hospital, hoping they could provide Mr. Shirley with compensation for the pain and suffering he would have to endure for the rest of his life.

“When you see a situation like Tim Shirley’s, you can’t help but step in,” said Tygart. “We have all heard the saying, ‘Time is brain,’ in relation to stroke symptoms. This phrase stands for the premise that if you believe you are suffering stroke symptoms, it is critically important for you to seek immediate medical attention. Basically, the quicker you receive stroke treatment, the better off you will be. In this case, Mr. Shirley did all the right things. He woke up with slurred speech and left-sided weakness, he immediately called EMS, and he was urgently transported to a certified stroke hospital for treatment. EMS even called this Orange Park Hospital and informed them they were bringing in a stroke patient. But, unfortunately, that’s where the ball was dropped. Had a few simple steps been taken by the treatment providers in the Emergency Department at this Orange Park Hospital, Mr. Shirley’s stroke diagnosis would have been confirmed in a timely manner and he would have been provided brain-saving treatment. Upon hearing his story, we knew that someone had to be held accountable for these mistakes. We are grateful that we were able to help Mr. Shirley obtain the justice he desperately deserved.”

“Tim and Donna Shirley are two of the finest people I’ve ever met,” added Coker Law, Of Counsel attorney Rufus Pennington.  “It makes you appreciate your job when you go to court on behalf of such good people who are so deserving of justice.  I truly wish them the best in dealing with Tim’s disability for the rest of their lives.”

Case Title: Timothy Shirley vs. an Orange Park Hospital and members and staff of its emergency room.

Attorneys/Staff involved in case: Of Counsel Rufus Pennington III, Attorney Lindsay Tygart, Partner Dan Iracki, Founding Partner Howard Coker, Paralegal Heather Brown, Paralegal Sharon Talbert, Legal Assistant Brittany Tygart

Date of Settlement or Jury Verdict: February 2019

Amount of Settlement or Jury Verdict: CONFIDENTIAL

Coker Law Can Help You

The medical malpractice trial attorneys at Coker Law know that serious injuries related to medical malpractice can be devastating, and that financial losses due to such injuries can be a catastrophic blow to any family. Our goal is to obtain prompt, just and fair compensation for all of our clients’ losses.  If you suspect that you or someone you love has been a victim of negligent medical care, contact Coker Law at (904) 299-0808 or click here to schedule a consultation.

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