Jury Awards $1.4 Million To Sister Hit By Truck While Stuck In Traffic

Posted on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

Darryl Waters was stuck in traffic on Interstate 95 in Duval County, Florida on Thursday, March 31, 2011.  He had two of his children in the car with him, his daughters Darian and Khayla Waters.  A truck driver for Spa Crest Manufacturing, Inc., was hauling a trailer when he failed to stop for the traffic and plowed into the back of the Waters’ car.



Darian, Khayla and Darryl were all injured from the brute force of the impact.  Darian’s pain wouldn’t go away and three years later it was determined that her injuries would result in permanent damage to her spine.

Sisters Granted Their Own Injury Claims

Coker Law filed a negligence complaint against Spa Crest Manufacturing, Inc., and then several amended complaints which also clarified that, as a result of Darian Waters and Khayla Waters reaching the age of eighteen, they were plaintiffs in their own right, with their own independent claims. The trial court granted plaintiffs’ motion for separate trials.

Jury Awards $1.4 Million For Injuries

Spa Crest Manufacturing, Inc., eventually admitted that its driver was negligent in causing the collision and that it was responsible for his negligence, but it denied that Darian Waters’ losses, injuries, or damages were permanent and disputed the extent of damages. A jury didn’t agree with Spa Crest Manufacturing, Inc.’s claims and it returned a verdict in favor of Darian Waters, reimbursing her for her past medical expenses and agreed she would struggle with her injuries and pain for the rest of her life.  It awarded Darian Waters more than $1,400,000. After the verdict, the insurance company settled Darryl and Khayla’s claims.

“It was wonderful to be able to work on this young lady’s case and get a verdict that allows her to get the treatment she will need in the years ahead,” said Coker Law partner, Dan Iracki.




Case Title:  Darian Waters v. Spa Crest Manufacturing, Inc.

Attorneys/Staff involved in caseDan Iracki, Howard Coker, Janeen Kirch, Aaron Sprague (Attorneys).  Leigh-Anne Morrill (Paralegal), Evie Jackson (Trial Coordinator), Yelena Chizik (Trial Presentation/Technology).

Referring attorney:  Dexter Davis and Amber Williams (Paralegal).

Date of Jury Verdict:  2/9/18

Amount of Jury Verdict:  $1,400,000+