JWLA 2020 Lawyer of the Year! – Coker Law’s Lindsay Tygart

Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2020

Woman Lawyer of the Year!

The Jacksonville Women’s Lawyers Association 2020 Woman Lawyer of the Year is someone who rises to every challenge and not only meets those challenges head-on but excels and surpasses every expectation. Lindsay Tygart is a role model to many for her work as a trial attorney, community servant, a bar leader, guardian ad litem, and champion for women’s issues. Congratulations Lindsay!!

This recognition was first awarded in 2003. Each year since, JWLA has presented the Woman Lawyer of the Year Award to a woman lawyer who is not necessarily at the pinnacle of her career, but who has made meaningful contributions in her community through her legal service or volunteer activities and who has been a positive role model for JWLA members.

You can see the video of Lindsay Tygart’s surprise reaction to receiving the award.


2003 Linda Calvert Hanson

2004 Cindy Laquidara

2005 Hon. Eleni Derke

2006 Lois Ragdale

2007 Rebekah Gleason

2008 Linda Farrell

2009 Courtney Grimm

2010 Katherine “Kathy” Parra

2011 Patricia “Patty” Dodson

2012 Paola Para Harris

2013 Leslie Goller

2014 Connie Byrd

2015 Ann Finnell

2016 Imani Boykin

2017 Sharón Simmons

2018 Hon. Michelle Kalil

2019 Joni Alexis Poitier