Bus Accident Lawyers in Jacksonville

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 300 fatal bus crashes occur each year in the United States. With more Americans starting to choose public transportation as their preferred travel method, the likelihood of crashes could drastically increase. If you were injured in a bus crash as a passenger, occupant of another vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist, you might have a case. It’s essential to know what to look for when choosing a bus accident lawyer to represent you. You want an experienced attorney on your side when pursuing legal action. Our attorneys at Coker Law will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve. 

Busses Have Higher Risk for Crashes

bus crash attorney jacksonville flBusses are generally more difficult to maneuver, harder to stop, and not as safe compared to a regular vehicle. Busses may be able to carry more passengers, but they typically don’t have seatbelts or airbags. Busses’ high-risk for rollovers, combined with the lack of safety restraints, size, and weight of the vehicle, can lead to serious injuries. Common injuries due to bus crashes include:

  • Broken and/or dislocated bones
  • Back and/or neck sprains
  • Herniated discs and spine injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Wrongful death

School Bus Crashes

bus accident attorney jacksonville flAccording to a report by Stanford Children’s Health, 17,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for injuries associated with school buses each year.  School buses pose even more dangers than regular vehicles as they are often in very close proximity to children on foot. For that reason, there are very specific safety standards that apply to school bus companies and drivers. 

Many school boards and districts subcontract student transportation to for-profit corporations. When someone is injured due to a school bus, an attorney that knows how the industry works and the standards that apply are fundamental to prove negligence and to ensure all insurance policies are available for their client. 

Liability Doesn’t End at the Bus Driver

When a bus crash occurs, more than one party can be liable. The driver of the bus, company that owns the bus, manufacturer of the equipment and parts, other negligent drivers, or government entities can all be held liable in certain situations. If the bus is a public transportation carrier, then the state the bus belongs to is responsible for the injuries. If the bus is a school bus, and the driver is employed as an agent of the school rather than of a bus company, then the school district is responsible. 

Our bus accident lawyers work with our firm’s in-house investigator, researchers, and network of recognized experts to determine the cause of your crash and develop a solid case to protect your rights. Coker Law has the legal, financial, technical, and expert witness resources necessary to challenge the doctors and other experts typically hired by insurance companies to limit their financial responsibility. 

Millions of Dollars in Bus Crash Injury Coverage

Public transportation and national bus companies are protected by large insurance and legal defense teams. Major bus operators, like Greyhound, are legally required to carry a multi-million-dollar liability insurance policy to protect themselves in the event of a crash. Some insurance companies cover each passenger up to a certain dollar amount, while others allocate a sum of money for all passengers involved. In these cases, passengers with severe injuries might not have all medical costs covered because they can only receive a certain amount of money allocated by the insurance company.  

When the victim files a claim for their injuries, the bus company’s insurance carrier will usually offer a settlement prior to trial. More times than not, the settlement offered to the victim won’t even come close to covering their medical treatment, damages, and pain and suffering. Many people make the mistake of trying to fight the battle alone, so they just accept the first settlement offer and move on. 

Coker Law Bus Accident Lawyers Will Fight for You

A catastrophic injury can affect your life and your family forever, leaving you unsure about the future. You can trust our team of bus accident lawyers to guide you through these uncertain times. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you are selecting the best of the best who have extensive experience. All of our attorneys and key support staff on our team are ready to fight for your rights to ensure you receive the justice you deserve.

Our attorneys are dedicated to fighting for our clients and will stop at nothing for you to receive the justice you deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result from a bus crash, click here or call (904) 356-6071 to speak with a Coker Law attorney about your case.