GOLF CART CRASHES in Jacksonville

golf car crash attorney jacksonville flGolf carts have become much faster and more powerful – some can reach 25 mph and travel over 40 miles on a single battery charge. Golf carts are now routinely used for transportation purposes at sporting events, hospitals, airports, national parks, college campuses, businesses and military bases.

In many gated and retirement communities, golf carts have become the primary means of transportation. Even with this rapid rise in popularity, most golf carts are still not subject to federal regulation, and state and local regulations for golf carts vary widely by region.

As golf carts are used in more settings off the golf course, the number of injuries is rising. Injuries that occur on the street, rather than on the course, more often result in serious injuries and were more likely to require hospitalization than injuries that occurred in other locations.

Falling or jumping from a golf cart is the most common cause of injury for both adults and children. However, children are at greater risk than adults for falls from a golf cart. Injuries caused by falls were more than twice as likely to result in injury to the head or neck, and more than six times more likely to result in concussion than injuries due to other causes.

If you’ve been injured on a golf cart, you may have a case and should seek legal counsel. At Coker Law, we employ a team of experts that includes our firm’s in-house investigator to uncover the exact facts of what happened related to the crash and determine which individual or company was at fault and liable. Our firm has successfully handled a number of injury and death claims arising out of golf cart crashes.

Our legal team also works closely with medical professionals to assess our client’s medical injuries, both those immediately observable and those that are likely to progress or deteriorate over time. Our attorneys and staff apply the full force of their combined experience, skills and commitment to a client injured in golf cart crash needed compensation through a fair settlement or in a courtroom. To speak with a Coker Law attorney or for more information, call (904) 356-6071 or click here to schedule a free consultation.