horse carriage crash attorney jacksonville flAlthough they can be a charming reminder of by-gone days, horse and carriage rides in today’s world carry with them some risk. Seen primarily in tourist locations like St. Augustine, horse and carriages must share the roads with modern cars and vehicles.

If a collision occurs, an open carriage traveling at a leisurely pace, usually absent seat belts, is little protection against the tons of metal and the higher velocity of a car or truck. Passengers are at risk for being crushed or ejected from the carriage and suffering serious head or spinal injuries or broken limbs.

The danger from what seems such a pleasant form of experiencing a piece of the past is becoming more widely recognized. There has also been a growing outcry from animal activists about the danger that carriage rides pose to horses. Currently, several cities in Florida have now banned the use of horse-drawn carriages including, Palm Beach, Key West, Deerfield Beach, Panama City, Pompano Beach and Treasure Island.

Attorneys at Coker Law know that injuries related to horse and carriage crashes can be serious or catastrophic and that financial losses due to such injuries can be a devastating blow to any family. If you’ve been inured while traveling as a passenger in a horse and carriage, you may have a case and the attorneys at Coker Law can help. Our goal is to obtain prompt, just, fair compensation for all of our client’s losses, including the recovery of medical expenses, lost wages and related financial losses, the cost of future care, and compensation for physical and emotional pain and suffering.

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