machinery injury attorney jacksonville flLike most construction or industrial tools, a bulldozer, power saw and drill press allow workers to accomplish tasks impossible with bare hands. That multiplication of force, when misdirected by a defective machine or poorly designed tool, can be extremely dangerous. The manufacturer or distributor of defective machinery or an unsafe tool is responsible for any injury or wrongful death resulting from use of the product.

Our legal teams are well informed about the regulations and standards that are expected and required for industrial machines and tools. We work with OSHA and others to keep up the pressure for safe workplaces. When a defective machine or tool injures a worker, we are there to hold the manufacturer accountable for the injuries.

When we investigate an accident involving defective machines, we look at the whole design/manufacturing chain to determine how and when the defect occurred and who was responsible. When a crane collapses or a nail gun malfunctions, we want to know why. We identify the product, get an exemplar copy and engage experts to review the design drawing, the manufacturing specs, and the manufacturing process and have it reviewed by experts, so we know what happened and why.

At Coker Law, our attorneys work closely with scientific experts and accident reconstructionists to determine exactly what caused our clients’ injuries. If the problem was a defective machine, our lawyers help clients recover maximum compensation for their losses through product liability claims. If someone you care about suffered an injury while using a tool or machine, and you suspect defective equipment caused the accident, you may have a case. Please contact our office to arrange a free consultation and case review.

Attorneys at our firm are prepared to handle product liability cases involving a wide range of tools and machinery, including:

  • Construction equipment, including heavy machinery such as front-end loaders and bulldozers, scaffolding and ladders, power tools, hammers and saws, air compressors and nail guns.
  • Industrial machinery, including drill presses, conveyor belts, forklifts, work platforms, hoists, pallet jacks, hydraulic lifts and warehouse racking.
  • Household tools, gas heaters, appliances, lawnmowers, landscape equipment.

If you have been injured because of a defect in a machine’s design, manufacturing or marketing, you have a right to recover financial compensation for the damages you have suffered. An attorney at Coker Law will assess your claim and investigate the cause and extent of your injuries. Our legal team will pursue compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, disfigurement, rehabilitative care, lost wages or income, and more.

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