Every year thousands of people are injured, some seriously, because of the negligence of property owners. Many people are hurt while in someone else’s home or place of business, whether injured on a flight of stairs, by a building defect, or by the intentional, criminal act of a third party – they may have a case and be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

Premises Liability Law Includes: slips, trips, and falls due to dangerous conditions on public or private property, and holds the property owner and manager responsible for any resulting medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, etc.

Generally, the law provides that property owners and managers must keep their premises reasonably safe for people who are on the property. Time and time again we see people getting hurt due to the negligence of someone else.  This is many times due to other people being distracted or trying to distract you.

Don’t Fall Victim to Dangerous Distractions

Big Box Stores – One of the biggest culprits are the big box stores.  Unfortunately, store owners and property owners are trying to distract you all the time. Their job is to sell customers from the minute they pull into the parking lot. Even though they are required to keep their stores and shopping centers reasonably safe, they do a lot of things to distract you.

For example, colorful marketing and signage that gets you to look up at the shelves ultimately keeps you from looking at the floors. This can lead to a serious slip and fall injury through no fault of your own. This is especially true with the big-box stores that sell coffee, wine, beer and other drinks, and let people walk through the stores drinking them in the aisles, and fail to clean up the spills in the aisles appropriately.

Parking Lot Perils – Shopping centers also try to sell you from the minute you pull into the parking lot.  They distract you with pretty landscaping, advertisement boards on the walkways and colorful store fronts, but they don’t let you know about the prior crime that has occurred on their property.  Shopping centers sometimes spend more on landscaping than they do on providing security for their customers.

Pay attention to your surroundings no matter how nice or safe the area looks.  In addition, put your phone down and keep your head on a swivel.  You want to get from your car to the store and back again as safely as possible,  This area can be a high risk for crime.

We see cases in our office every day where people are hurt that are the result of someone simply not paying attention to their surroundings or to the safety of others around them.


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