Recreational Products

Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Recreational product defects cause injuries that were avoidable. Manufacturers must ensure that their product is safe for the customer who purchases it. This is especially true when the item is used for sports and recreational activities. Participation in a recreational sporting activity always involves some degree of risk (falling off a bike, being tackled in a football game, etc.), therefore the products used during such activities need to be especially safe in order to reduce the risk of any other unnecessary injuries. The risk of serious injury from a fall is a common reason why many items such as bicycles and climbing equipment are often recalled.

Monkey bars are a good example of this issue. Design and installation of monkey bars are carefully regulated. The height of the bars and the ground materials, the thickness of the sand pit and rubber padding should all meet specific, well-defined standards. All playground equipment should be designed and installed to prevent serious injuries.

Bicycles, tricycles, go-carts and other riding toys should be designed with safety in mind. Go-cart seats should not slide out, for example, and the carts should have roll bars. When a bike injury or a go-cart accident injury is caused by a product defect, the accident deserves the attention of an experienced personal injury firm who knows how to investigate the accident with attention to product defects.

Dangerous and defective recreation products may result in catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. If you have been injured because of a defect in a recreational product’s design, manufacturing or marketing, you have a right to recover financial compensation for the damages you have suffered. Coker, Schickel, Sorenson, Posgay & Iracki will assess your claim and investigate the cause and extent of your injuries. Our legal team will pursue compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, disfigurement, rehabilitative care, lost wages or income, and more. We also represent the survivors of those who died from injuries caused by a defective recreational product.

If injury or death was caused by a defective or dangerous recreational product, Coker, Schickel, Sorenson, Posgay & Iracki will fight to get you the compensation you need and deserve.