Cyclist Hit By Landscape Maintenance Truck

Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2019

25-year-old college student Samantha Justyn was riding her bike when all of a sudden, her whole world came to a crashing halt, quite literally.  While making a wide turn, a truck driver for Valleycrest Landscape Maintenance struck Justyn with the trailer, knocking her from her bike onto the roadway. She sustained serious cervical and spinal injuries, resulting in multiple painful and expensive treatments and a deluge of costly medical bills. ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance hotly disputed liability and retained an engineer to claim that Justyn was at faulting for riding into their driver’s alleged “blind spot.” Therefore, they refused to cover the mounting costs of her medical needs.  With nowhere to turn, she called Coker Law.  Attorneys Howard Coker and Charles Sorenson fought for Justyn in an extensive trial. Thanks to their efforts and the Coker Law legal team, after a five-day trial the jury awarded Justyn $1.7 million dollars for her medical costs, pain and suffering and declared the defendant was 100% at fault.