Jury Awards Millions Against Underinsured Motorist

Posted on Friday, February 8th, 2019

When an underinsured motorist struck the side of Bradley Correia’s vehicle, at Atlantic Boulevard and Ridgewood Place, he was left with a disc herniation in his spine and permanent aggravation of a degenerative lumbar condition. However, the underinsured motorist’s coverage would only cover $25,000 of his medical costs. Correia knew he needed help, so he called the attorneys at Coker Law. Attorneys Howard Coker and Dan Iracki took on the underinsured motorist’s insurance company, Amerisure Insurance Company. They fought to get Correia’s medical expenses covered and provide support for his family. Due to Coker Law’s determination, a jury awarded Correia more than $5.5 million dollars for his medical expenses, personal injuries, and pain and suffering.