Pregnant Victim Receives Medical, Lost Wages, Pain & Suffering

Posted on Friday, February 8th, 2019

Maribel Hernandez was eight months pregnant when a driver crossed the center line at the intersection of Talleyrand Avenue and 8th Street, colliding with her vehicle. Hernandez started going into premature labor, but thankfully was able to hold off giving birth for another three weeks and delivered a healthy baby. However, as a result of the crash, she suffered numerous medical issues to her neck, back and head, as well as short-term memory loss, a cyst in her sinus cavity due to stress, blurry vision and sleep deprivation. The driver who hit her was uninsured and Hernandez needed help to cover her medical costs and lost wages. She called Coker Law in desperate need of someone to fight for her. Attorneys Howard Coker and Charles Sorenson battled her insurance company, Allstate Indemnity Company, to receive reimbursement for her lost wages and help with medical costs, in addition to compensating her for her pain and suffering. The insurance company only offered $25,000. Due to the efforts and determination of Coker and Sorenson, a jury granted Hernandez $299,777.21.