$1 Million Settlement for Navy Pilot

Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2011 [disclaimer]

Firm Negotiates $1 Million Settlement For Paralyzed Navy Pilot

“My experience with the firm and Charles Sorenson was very positive.  There was never any doubt they were on my side. I knew I was in good hands when other attorneys told me of the firm’s solid  reputation as litigator.”                                                                                   …Jerry Garrett

Jerry Garrett wanted to be a commercial jet pilot after retiring from his 22 year Navy career.  Instead, he is paralyzed below the waist and in a wheel chair, the results of a fall at a construction site where he planned to work part time, to make some extra money.  It was his first day on the job and he was asked to work up on a scaffolding some 13 feet in the air. He slipped on a too-narrow plank and fell to the ground, sustaining major and life-changing injury.

When attorney Charles Sorenson investigated Jerry’s case, he found that the construction company was not in compliance with OSHA standards; in fact there were 12 different code violations at the site.  Charles learned that this kind of situation is not unusual with construction companies because there are only 12 OSHA compliance officers for 37 counties in Florida.  Construction businesses can and do cut corners because they know OSHA won’t be checking and there is no penalty.

Charles Sorenson and his legal team including Investigator Walter Brozowski and Theresa Poulin, Paralegal, worked on Jerry’s  case. After bringing suit against the construction company, Charles forced a $1 Million settlement (the full amount of all available insurance), on behalf of Jerry Garrett.  This money will help to offset his medical bills and permanent disability.