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Car Crashes practice

A vehicle crash can occur in seconds, but the injuries can last forever.

Trucking Crashes practice

When a 40-ton tractor-trailer collides with a smaller vehicle, the results are nearly always serious and, all too often, fatal.

Bus Crashes practice

300 fatal bus crashes occur each year in the United States.

Motorcycle Crashes practice

Because motorcycle accidents often result in injury, experienced representation is crucial.

Bicycle Crashes practice

One-third of bicycle accidents happen at an intersection, where right-of-way comes into question.

Boating/Waterway Crashes practice

With so many people enjoying the state’s waters, boating crashes can be all too common.

Trampoline Park Injuries practice

Parents love to take their kids to the trampoline parks so they can exert energy while having fun.

Pedestrian Injuries practice

More than 100,000 accidents per year involve pedestrians who suffer serious injury or death.

Roadwork Incidents practice

These hazards can lead to one-car accidents, traffic collisions, and rolling your truck or SUV.

Slip & Fall practice

Slipping, tripping or falling may seem like a simple accident, but it could be a result of negligent maintenance.

Inadequate Security practice

Property owners have a duty to provide a safe environment for their patrons, renters and guests.

Fire/Explosions practice

Fires and explosions can occur on residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Defective Products practice

Unfortunately, sometimes the products we rely on turn out to be hazardous or unsafe.

Insurance Disputes practice

Insurance companies that fail to live up to the terms of their policies may be acting in bad faith.

Medical Malpractice practice

Medical malpractice, through negligence or omission, is a serious and long standing problem.

Unusual Injuries practice

With more than 35 years of experience, we have seen all types of unique injury cases.

Workers Compensation practice

If you are a first responder, injured at work, or develop a disability, you may be eligible for compensation.

Types Of Injuries