Apartment Security and Criminal Acts

Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Owners and management companies are responsible for keeping their premises reasonably safe fortheir tenants and their visitors. They have a duty to provide such reasonable security measures as are necessary to protect these individuals from foreseeable violent crime on their premises.

When property and business owners fail to implement reasonable security measures and someone is seriously injured or killed as a result, the crime victim and their families may be entitled to compensation. While crime victims rarely are able to collect court ordered restitution from their attacker, compensation is often available through other means.

Crime victims’ compensation may be obtained for victims of various violent crimes including: murder, robbery, assault, battery, domestic violence, kidnapping, rape, sexual assault, sexual molestation, drunk driving, DUI and acts of terrorism.

Attorneys at Coker, Schickel, Sorenson, Posgay & Iracki are experienced advocates for crime victims. Our firm has a strong record of results in advancing crime victims’ rights and securing crime victims’ compensation by filing civil lawsuits for negligent security, inadequate security and/or premises liability.

Our firm has successfully handled many cases arising out of unsafe apartment premises due to negligent or inadequate security in Jacksonville and throughout Florida’s First Coast. Our firm Investigator works with leading security experts and law enforcement agencies to prove the elements of each case and maximize the monetary compensation received by our clients that have been injured or suffered loss directly due unsafe apartment complex premises.

Apartment Security – Rapes & Sexual Assaults

Women, men, teens, and children may all be victims of sexual assault or rape. Severe and long-lasting repercussions in a victim’s life, as well as for the victim’s family, often follow the physical, mental, and emotional trauma of this violent crime. While criminal law can provide severe penalties to the rapist, the physical and emotional costs to victims and their families are often not adequately addressed in the criminal court process.

Coker, Schickel, Sorenson, Posgay & Iracki has strong experience in handling premises liability lawsuits involving sexual attacks that resulted from negligent security in apartment complexes or other properties.

Our attorneys are well aware of the personal nature of these cases. We are sensitive to the nature of these cases and do not want to inflict any further emotional stress. We will listen to you or your family member and take no action beyond that with which you are comfortable. Our goal is to do anything we can to help you/your family member move forward.

Property owners and managers have a legal duty to deter and prevent criminals from committing crimes against others on their property. When property owners/managers fail in this duty, crimes like rape, murder, aggravated assault, and armed robbery are more likely to occur to innocent individuals. These crimes often result in death or in life-long suffering to victims and their families. Under premises liability law, property owners may be responsible for paying damages resulting from criminal assaults committed on their premises. Some common failures on the part of property owners include inadequate lighting and security, and negligent hiring, supervision, and retention of employees.

In addition to Apartment Complexes, some examples of establishments that have a legal obligation to ensure that the security measures they provide are sufficient to protect people on their property are as follows:

  • Hotels & motels
  • Amusement parks
  • Shopping centers
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Nursing homes
  • Gas stations
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Publicly owned parks and beaches

No amount of money can ever erase the scars of trauma inflicted by a sexual assault or rape. However, the lasting effects of these types of crimes often translate into an urgent need to rebuild a life. Medical bills, including those for psychological counseling, and loss of income due to emotional instability are just a few examples of why a monetary award is needed to help a person move forward.

The attorneys at Coker, Schickel, Sorenson, Posgay & Iracki have developed a deep and broad understanding of sexual assault victims in civil cases, having successfully represented many victims through the years. Most of our sexual assault cases are brought on behalf of victims who are assaulted on apartment properties as the result of the property owner’s failure to provide adequate security. Our attorneys are ready to provide compassionate counsel and aggressive advocacy in order to win the maximum compensation that is rightfully yours.