Date 6.25.2014

$2.2 Million Negotiated For Trucking Accident Victim

Permanently Disabled Man’s Family is Compensated for Accident


“My attorneys Charles Sorenson and Aaron Sprague worked hard for me and my husband. They were always there for me; I talked directly to them whenever I needed to. They kept me completely up-to-date at all times, were very trustworthy, and stuck with us through this difficult two-year journey. Ultimately, they got us what we needed and my husband and I can now go on with our lives.” …Patricia Geidel

Charles Sorenson and Aaron Sprague recently negotiated a $2.2 million settlement for their client, Eric Geidel, and his wife, Patricia. Permanently disabled due to the negligence of a commercial trucking company, Eric’s case exemplifies the frequency and severity of trucking accidents on our roadways today.

On June 18, 2004, Eric was stopped at a red light when a commercial truck traveling at 55 mph crashed into the back of his vehicle. The truck driver had lost control of his vehicle while in the throes of an epileptic seizure. Upon impact, Eric’s vehicle was fast-forwarded into a car in front of him. The dual collisions resulted in serious shoulder and knee injuries that required extensive treatment.

An 18-year U.S. Postal Service veteran, Eric’s impairments and surgical requirements forced him to leave his employment. Within months after the accident, a dramatic change began to occur in Eric’s condition. He experienced a significant loss of balance, together with severe memory loss and headaches. He was then diagnosed with hydrocephalus – a condition where the spinal fluid production is thrown out of balance, creating a pressure that causes permanent brain damage.

“My husband has been completely changed. He has lost his memory, his ability to do the simplest things, to work and experience life – all because his brain no longer functions normally or as it once did. This has hurt our quality of life in every way imaginable,” said Patricia Geidel.

When Eric’s brain damage became apparent, we responded to that in our pursuit of the case. Attorney Charles Sorenson explains: “In working closely with our client, we observed the change in his condition. At the point that his irreversible brain damage was diagnosed by doctors, we knew the case had become more complex, with damages much greater than had first been evident. We then adjusted our approach to ensure that his compensation was commensurate with the catastrophic nature of his injury.”

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