Date 8.06.2021

Coker Law Wins Mother of Two $1.72 Million Dollars

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Coker Law Wins Mother of Two $1.72 Million Dollars

A diagnosed lifetime of pain was met with an offer of $200,000 from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, but Coker Law knew Pamela Sperry deserved so much more. In 2013, Mrs. Sperry was a passenger in the front vehicle of an unexpected, four-car collision. She suffered agonizing injuries that required shoulder surgery and nerve-burning procedures. After being subjected to mounting medical costs and an anticipated lifetime of pain, this mother of two and her husband knew they needed a team that would fight for her.

State Farm Insurance Company Offers Only $200,000 for a Lifetime of Pain

State Farm Insurance Company offered Mrs. Sperry $200,000 after she underwent a series of painful medical procedures, but she knew that would not be enough to help her defray the costs of future medical procedures and a lifetime of limited ability. She turned to the elite legal team at Coker Law. The Coker Law legal team led by Fraz Ahmed agreed $200,000 was not enough to help with this mother’s medical, physical and financial challenges.

Coker Law Takes State Farm to Trial

Mrs. Sperry had a history of fibromyalgia and back pain, but that was nothing compared to the pain and suffering that ensued her after the crash. “The insurance company’s best offer prior to trial of $200,000 would have barely covered Mrs. Sperry’s medical expenses,” said attorney Fraz Ahmed. “Although this case had significant issues to overcome, we could not deny the Sperrys’ the opportunity to seek the justice that they deserved.”

State Farm claimed that Mrs. Sperry’s agonizing pain was not due to injuries from the crash, but instead from her pre-existing fibromyalgia and back pain. However, Coker Law was able to successfully show the jury through medical evidence that the source of her pain was due to the new orthopedic injuries caused by the crash. “Fraz Ahmed was extremely knowledgeable in all the medical terms and knew exactly what to ask the doctors to make sure they explained the extent of my injuries to the jury,” said Mrs. Sperry.

Since she was the fourth vehicle in line, State Farm also argued the extent of the property damage done to Mrs. Sperry’s car, stating that it wasn’t as extreme as the plaintiff was claiming. However, Coker Law was able to overcome those arguments by walking the jurors through the effects of the impact from the testimony of technical experts.

Jury Awards Almost Nine Times Original Offer

The Coker Law team was able to anticipate every defense State Farm raised at trial. The firm’s experienced investigators and researchers were able to help the attorneys build the case against State Farm and actually turn the insurance company’s hired doctor into a favorable witness for Mrs. Sperry. Through its extensive research and careful investigation, Coker Law convinced the jury to award Mrs. Sperry $1.72 million dollars, almost nine times the original offer.

“The team at Coker Law was so good to work with,” said Mrs. Sperry. “I had never been to court before and it was such a different experience than anything I had ever gone through. Janeen and Fraz helped me to make sure the jury clearly understood what I was going through and how much the crash impacted my life.”

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