Date 9.06.2023

Florida's Deadliest Roads and Fatal Accident Statistics

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As busy as Florida's roads might seem, a closer look reveals a not-so-great truth. A recent analysis from Money Greek sheds light on the state's deadliest roads and the contributing factors behind its fatal accidents from 2018-2020.

1. US-19 from San Marco Drive to Denton Avenue: Florida's Deadliest Stretch of Road 

US-19 from San Marco Drive to Denton Avenue in Pasco County tops the list of Florida's most deadly stretch of road. Over the period that the study was run, this 4.9-mile stretch witnessed 28 fatal accidents, claiming the lives of 28 individuals.

2. Drunk Driving's Disturbing Contribution 

An alarming conclusion came from the analysis: drunk driving played a more prominent role in fatal accidents than speeding and distracted driving combined. Since 2019, an alarming 9% increase in fatal accidents caused by drunk driving has occurred. A call for vigilance on the road is paramount, considering the deadly consequences of impaired driving.

3. Changing Trends: Speeding, Distracted Driving, and Fatalities 

Accidents related to direct speeding declined by 5%; however, distracted driving took quite an upward trajectory in 2019, escalating by 14% in 2019. This shift showcases the growing issue of driver distraction, a very concerning trend, urging us all to prioritize focused driving.

4. Month of Peril: December 

December had the highest statistic for fatal crashes, accounting for 9.5% of Florida's fatal crashes during the study period. March was a close second, tallying up to 824 fatal accidents. Collectively, these statistics call for heightened awareness when out on the road!

5. County Spotlight: Miami-Dade Takes the Lead 

Among Florida's counties, Miami-Dade stood out with the highest number of fatal accidents. US-1 was the deadliest road within its borders, which witnessed many accidents linked to speeding and drunk driving.

Factors Behind Fatal Accidents

1. Drunk Driving: A Deadly Culprit

21.2% of fatal accidents were caused by drunk driving during the study period. It serves as an essential reminder that even small amounts of alcohol can significantly impair judgment, making responsible driving a matter of life and death.

2. Speeding's Fatal Consequences 

Speeding-related accidents accounted for 8.9% of fatal crashes, resulting in 797 tragedies. It serves as a reminder that driving over the limit puts you in possible danger and increases your chances of a tragic accident. 

3. Distracted Driving's Menace 

8.1% of fatal accidents were caused by distracted driving, adding up to 726 incidents during the study period. Florida implemented a hands-free law on January 1st, 2020, to mitigate this threat and emphasize the importance of focusing on the road.

Driving Safely: A Responsibility and an Investment

Safety on the road is an investment in your well-being, safety, and financial security. Maintaining a safe driving record and, paying attention, and following traffic laws can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. 

Car Insurance: A Shield for the Unpredictable 

Even the most cautious driver can't eliminate all risks, which is where comprehensive car insurance comes into play. The average cost for Florida residents is $2,208 per year, but rates vary based on location, driving history, and other factors.

County Breakdown: Mapping the Risk 

Miami-Dade County led the pack in fatal crashes, followed by other counties such as Broward and Hillsborough. These five counties accounted for a significant portion of Florida's fatal accidents.

Pursuing Legal Action

If you are in a car accident, remember that Coker Law stands ready to assist. Their trusted and proven track record speaks for itself. Contact them at (904) 356-6071 for the guidance and support you need during challenging times. As we navigate Florida's roads, let's remember these insights. We can collectively impact road safety by addressing the factors contributing to fatal accidents and prioritizing responsible driving. Your actions behind the wheel matter—ensuring your safety, the safety of others, and the protection of your financial well-being.

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