Date 8.01.2011

Jury Finds for Collision Victim

Posted By: Coker Law

Woman in Major Car Accident Wins Jury Award

“My attorneys were outstanding. From the beginning to the end they stuck with me and believed in me. They are great people and I would recommend them to any of my family or friends.”
…Yvette White

As she caught her breath, a dazed Yvette White watched her air bag deflate and stared at the trunk of the big palm tree – a tree that was now sitting where the grill of her car used to be. She realized that she had been hit by another driver; what she did not realize was that this day marked the end of her career as a Greyhound Bus Driver.

It was Saturday, October 20, 2001, and Yvette was heading to work at the Jacksonville Greyhound Terminal when a car blew through a stop sign and struck Yvette’s vehicle, breaking her axle and forcing her car to careen over the curb and smash head-on into the large palm tree. At this point her windshield shattered and glass flew throughout her car’s interior.

In addition to abrasions and contusions, Yvette White suffered painful internal neck and back injuries; she began a cycle of therapy that has lasted to this day. Ultimately, her doctor placed work restrictions on her that were definitely at odds with her job requirements. In December of 2004, Greyhound put her on long-term disability, a status that provides no salary and no benefits.

This was a blow to Yvette; driving for Greyhound was a job that the 33 year old really enjoyed. Moreover, apparently she was good at it; Yvette had been named “Top Dog” in a national company newsletter. Fortunately, on June 30, 2005, her attorneys Rick Alexander and Aaron Sprague persuaded a jury to find in her favor, awarding her an amount that exceeded the defendant’s insurance policy.

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