Date 1.15.2019

Jury Orders GEICO To Pay More Than $2.6 Million To Young Mother

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There was no way Monae Gadson could have anticipated the brutal collision that was about to happen to her on a spring day in 2013.  Out of nowhere a vehicle driven by a negligent uninsured/under-insured motorist slammed into Ms. Gadson causing a terrifying T-bone collision.  This young woman was terribly injured in the crash.  She suffered permanent herniated discs in her neck and her low back as a result of the violent collision.  When traditional medical care couldn’t stop the pain, Ms. Gadson sought the help of pain management experts where she underwent painful radiofrequency ablations in her neck and epidural injections in her low back.

The Pain Limited Her Livelihood

Ms. Gadson did her best to work through the pain.  She was raised by a hardworking family and has a strong work ethic.  But there were days she just couldn’t stand it and was forced to leave early, work from home or was just unable to function through a work day at all.  This was very frustrating for her and to make it worse her constant pain was making simple household chores nearly impossible.

Despite these setbacks she was determined to fulfill her lifelong dream of starting a family.  In the years after the crash, Ms. Gadson gave birth to two children.  But she soon realized much to her dismay that even her role as mother was limited due to her injuries and chronic pain.  She finally came to terms that she would need medical care and pain management treatment for the rest of her life and that her life would never be the same.

GEICO Let Her Down

When she turned to her insurance company, GEICO insurance, for additional coverage to help with her medical care, she was told her injuries didn’t warrant further compensation and the fact that she’d become a mother was proof that she had recovered from her injuries.  Ms. Gadson was shocked and disappointed that the help she’d paid for wasn’t there when she needed it.  She called the team at Coker Law for assistance.

The Coker Team not only showed the jury how Ms. Gadson’s permanent injuries affect her on a daily basis but was able to successfully anticipate every defense excuse GEICO insurance would use at trial to deny her justice and compensation. It was the unique team approach utilized by Coker Law that included its trial attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants with extensive trial experience that brought a range of perspectives and insight to this case.

Coker Law Team Proves Pain Is Permanent

“We couldn’t rest for Ms. Gadson until every stone was overturned and all possible twists and turns that may happen at trial were addressed,” said Fraz Ahmed, Coker Law attorney.  “We were ready for all eventualities and then some due to the dedication of the entire trial team.” The jury agreed with the Coker Law team and found that Ms. Gadson’s injuries would impact her health and well-being for the rest of her life and awarded her more than $2 million dollars. Coker Law is proud to have found justice for Ms. Gadson and to ensure that GEICO Insurance Company provided what she needs to help her heal and adjust to the limitations she faces in her life and her role as a mother.

Case Title:  Monae Gadson vs. GEICO General Insurance Company

Attorneys/Staff involved in case: Attorneys – Fraz Ahmed, Janeen Kirch, and Charles Sorenson.  Staff – Paralegal Laura Page and legal assistant Kelly Anderson

Date of Jury Verdict: December 6, 2018

Amount of Jury Verdict: $2,643,606.34


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