Date 7.14.2023

Michael Humphries Featured in Attorney At Law Magazine

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Coker Law Attorney Named Attorney of the Month

Michael Humphries was recently named Attorney of the Month in Volume 7, No. 4 of the First Coast Edition of Attorney at Law Magazine. One of the newest additions to the Coker Law team dons the cover of the legal publication. He gives readers an in-depth understanding of how he sets himself apart from the competition and why he chose to practice personal injury law.

At Coker Law, we represent individuals who have been seriously injured in accidents throughout Jacksonville, Florida. Our legal team, including attorney Michael Humphries, is dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the largest possible recovery on their cases. We are experienced trial lawyers that always fight for justice. 

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Cover Story

Attorney Michael Humphries is not holding anything back in the recent interview conducted by Sarah Torres for Attorney at Law Magazine. The Jacksonville personal injury lawyer lays it all out there, including why he is different from his competitors and how he arrived at practicing injury law. 

Humphries was featured as Attorney of the Month for the publication’s First Coast Edition. In Volume 7, No. 4, he details the case he’s most proud of and why it meant so much to him. He also tells about how his experience defending insurance companies and corporations helped him to become a better advocate for his clients.

Making It Personal

Attorney Humphries focuses on three things to set himself apart in an otherwise crowded field. He says he always works to be overprepared, is unafraid to take cases to trial, and offers “more personal service and attention than some of the larger firms.” 

While there are a lot of personal injury lawyers in Jacksonville, many work for large, mill-like firms that simply churn clients through their doors. There is little, if no, personalization, and clients often struggle to speak directly with the attorney handling their case.

Humphries has dedicated his career to ensuring that his clients are always able to reach him. He prides himself on communication, meeting clients when and how they need to be met. He believes that taking the time to get to know a client helps him to build a stronger case and ultimately do a better job telling their story. 

Becoming an Advocate

Becoming an advocate for injury victims and their families was not the first thing that Mr. Humphries had in mind after graduating, he simply knew he wanted to help people. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t necessarily sure he would end up following in his father’s footsteps of becoming a lawyer at all. He decided to take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and ended up dabbling in different types of law after obtaining his degree. 

He found personal injury a good fit but did not like the idea of working for both sides. His experience, however, did help him to gain invaluable insight into how insurance companies handle injury cases. He uses that knowledge today to help get clients the money they deserve. Attorney Humphries recently joined the Coker Law team, becoming a critical part of the multi-million dollar award-winning firm. 

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