Date 12.13.2023

Panera's Charged Lemonade at the Center of a Second Lawsuit in FL

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Two Dead After Consuming the Caffeine-Infused Lemonade at Sandwich Chain

A second lawsuit has been filed against Panera Bread after another person died from allegedly consuming the sandwich company’s Charged Lemonade. The lemonade is infused with multiple sources of caffeine, including guarana extract and coffee extract. The lawsuit comes on the heels of one filed only two months ago that alleged a 21-year-old Ivy League student died shortly after drinking the beverage.

At Coker Law, we are investigating claims related to injuries suffered after consuming Panera’s Charged Lemonade. If you suffered an adverse health condition after drinking the heavily caffeinated beverage, contact our office to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. 

Lawsuit Links Second Death to Panera Beverage

A lawsuit filed in early December alleges that Panera failed to adequately warn consumers about the ingredients in their “Charged Lemonade.” The lemonade has large quantities of caffeine in it coming from multiple sources. 

According to Panera’s website, the lemonades contain between 150 and 237 mg of caffeine. The amount of caffeine depends on the size of the drink, which ranges from 20 to 30 oz. In comparison, an 8 oz cup of coffee has approximately 95 mg of caffeine and an 8.4 oz Red Bull has 80 mg.

Tragedy for Family of Ivy League Student

As reported by NBC News, the family of a 21-year-old student was devastated by their loved one’s sudden death. A lawsuit filed against the sandwich chain alleges that the University of Pennsylvania student died after consuming the Charged Lemonade. The young woman had a heart condition that caused her to avoid energy drinks at the recommendation of her doctor. 

The legal filing indicates that she went into cardiac arrest within hours of consuming the drink. The lemonades are offered as a self-serve drink option along with sodas and iced teas. While the drinks do note that they are caffeinated, they are not sold or advertised as energy drinks. 

Supermarket Worker Dies Shortly After Consuming Drink

The second lawsuit with similar allegations was filed within months. A 46-year-old supermarket worker died within a short time of consuming three Charged Lemonades, according to NBC News. The man had several conditions, including high blood pressure, which caused him to avoid energy drinks. Shortly after consuming the lemonade, he suffered cardiac arrest. It is unclear whether he knew how much caffeine the beverages contained. 

The drink was not labeled as an energy drink. After the first lawsuit was filed, the sandwich shop reportedly added warnings to consumers indicating that the beverage should be consumed in moderation and is not recommended for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, or people with caffeine sensitivities. 

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