Date 5.24.2020

The Impact COVID-19 Can Have On The Value of Your Personal Injury Case

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted everyone’s day-to-day lives in more ways than one could have ever expected. Under normal circumstances, dealing with an injury and a personal injury case has the ability to feel like it has taken over your life. However, in the wake of this pandemic, your personal injury case may be the last thing on your mind while you try to navigate this “new normal.” At Coker Law we want to explain the impact the pandemic can have on your personal injury case and how the courts will proceed in the coming months, should it go to trial.

How Do I Manage My Injuries?

When it comes to personal injury cases, whether due to a car crash or unusual incident, patients often need to undergo extensive medical treatment to address their injuries. In order to prove someone’s life was changed due to their injuries, loss of income and rehabilitation or surgery, the courts need to see that all treatment options available have been exhausted in an attempt to treat the pain or cure the injuries.

With the spread of COVID-19, many people are fearful or hesitant to go to a hospital or emergency room or even their chiropractor or pain management specialist. However, in Florida, if you were in a car accident, and don’t receive some form of medical treatment or evaluation within 14 days of the crash, the insurance company will deny you benefits that you are entitled to. Visit our blog for suggestions on how you can manage an injury during the pandemic.

Should I Settle?

Insurance companies remain in operation during the pandemic because they are an essential business. However, some insurance agents may try to take advantage of the current financial situation many are in due to being furloughed or unemployed; they will offer a settlement that won’t even come close to covering medical costs or pain and suffering because they know many people are desperate and will accept whatever amount comes their way.

Although you may feel inclined to take the settlement because you are injured and stressed financially, don’t settle for less than your case is worth. Injured victims need to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to determine the value of their claim before accepting any offer from an insurance company. At Coker Law, we recognize that taking a case to trial may take longer than settling but insurance companies will take advantage of this by drawing out the process or offering you a rushed lower amount to convince you to settle. “We prepare every case with the intent that it will go to trial,” explains Coker Law Shareholder, Matthew Posgay.  “We do that because we are confident that we provide the best representation that could lead to a much larger award from a jury versus an insurance representative.”

Will My Case Still Go To Court?

As we go through the phases of reopening the state, jury trials and other in-person court proceedings will remain suspended at least until July 2nd. For the time being, the Duval County Clerk’s Office remains open only for essential services as required by law.

Coker Law is communicating with the courts to reschedule any postponed proceedings and will be pro-active in informing our clients of those new dates.

“We at Coker Law will not allow the new challenges from the pandemic to negatively affect our ability to obtain justice for our clients,” explains Posgay. “We will continue to fight for our clients every day.” While we may need to make adjustments to our in-person meeting schedules, our attorneys and support staff remain available at any time through phone calls, emails and video chat. We are here for you no matter what unexpected life change occurs and that stays true today.

Coker Law Is Here For You

If you were injured before or during the COVID-19 pandemic, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. You may qualify to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to your injuries. To speak with a Coker Law attorney or for more information call (904) 356-6071 or click here to schedule a free consultation.

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