Date 7.19.2018

The Irackis and Coker Law Fight for Families Who Can’t

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Once a Fighter, Always a Fighter

Coker Law partner Dan Iracki has always been a fighter, whether it was on the football field as a middle linebacker at Duquesne University, or in the courtroom as a highly celebrated trial attorney fighting for his clients. Success and fighting for causes come naturally to Iracki. Iracki was no stranger to hearing about the tragic impacts of a cancer diagnosis.  Both his parents are doctors, his mother is a breast cancer surgeon and his father is a pulmonary disease specialist, who was dedicated to the battle of lung cancer.  “My childhood was often spent waiting in-hospital doctor’s lounges or their offices because they both worked seven days a week,” Iracki says. “I’m very proud of both of them.”

The Irackis and Coker Law Fight for Families Who Can’t

Fighting for Other Families

So, when his wife Amy, who was volunteering for the Child Cancer Fund, shared heartbreaking stories of children diagnosed with cancer he knew it was a battle they need to join forces to take on.  And when the Irackis became parents they truly understood the nightmare a cancer diagnosis for a child and their family can be.  For the past 7 years, the couple has served on the Child Cancer Fund board of directors, chaired committees for fundraising events, and personally donated close to $50,000. “This is a fight we truly believe it,” insists Iracki.  “Also, the innocence of a child being diagnosed with cancer is gut-wrenching. This is a cause that everyone should  really get behind and support.”

Christy’s Story

All the stories from the families associated with the Child Cancer Fund are both heartbreaking and inspiring but the story of Christy and her parents John and Carrol serve as the example of why the Irackis’ and Dan’s firm Coker Law are so deeply involved both with their time and their financial support.  Christy was about to start 1st grade when she received her first cancer, she and her family fought it until she lost her battle just weeks after her 14th birthday.  As a tribute to their brave and loving daughter, her parents founded the Christy Fund. The goal of the Christy Fund is to ensure that funding will always be available for the Child Life Specialist position at Nemours Children’s Specialty Care.  The Child Life Specialist is the flagship program of the Child Cancer Fund. 

Everyday is a Blessing

Dan and Amy Iracki, now the parents of 3 young boys know every day with their children is a blessing.  They know this because they’ve met parents who also count their blessings for every day with their children, but they fear their days will run short of the dreams they have for their family.  The couple encourages others to support the Child Cancer Fund. “Your involvement will make an immediate impact on a child’s life and the entire family,” implores Iracki.  “There is absolutely no better feeling in the world than helping these families and children when they are in such challenging circumstances.”  You can learn more about the Child Cancer Fund by tuning in at 9:00 am as Coker Law partner Dan Iracki and Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry host the 4th annual WOKV 104.5 Care-A-Thon, presented by Duval Asphalt, benefiting the Child Cancer Fund. Hear them share their stories about why they support the Child Cancer Fund and why they need your help. You can donate through their live auction.

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