PRS Running Club

PRS Running Club


Coker Law is honored to be a top-level sponsor of the PRS Running Club! The PRS Running Club promotes and encourages running by educating the community about the benefits of long-distance running and endurance athletics. Coker Law is proud to partner with the PRS Running Club because of its commitment to help runners in the Jacksonville community learn how to run with safety as a priority.

Coker Law is devoted to safety on our streets and that includes protecting those sharing the roads who aren't in vehicles. Runners must also do their part to keep themselves safe, one way is to be visible by wearing reflective clothing and lights. 

Coker Law Provides Lights To PRS Running Club

In order to ensure the PRS runners' safety, Coker Law is providing free lights so runners are able to be seen when running in the dark. Coker Law puts safety as a top priority, just like the PRS Running Club. Our team at Coker Law is firmly focused on organizations and causes where we can be actively involved as well as provide financial support.

Don't be surprised to see some of our legal team members lacing up their shoes and running alongside members of the PRS Running Club! Giving back is a core value of Coker Law, which is why we continue to find ways in which we can support our community and serve others.

A Few Helpful Tips To Run Safely On The Road:

  1. Run against traffic- This will allow you to see oncoming vehicles instead of having them come up behind you without you knowing. You'll be able to react quickly if you see it coming!
  2. Carry identification on you- Just in case of an emergency! If you don't want the hassle of carrying anything, write it inside your shoe: name, emergency contact information, and blood type.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings- Everyone listens to music while running to get them going. Consider only using one earbud so you can listen to what is around you (other runners, cars, animals). Stay alert!
  4. Always tell someone where you are running- Make sure one of your friends or family members knows your route. This will ensure that if something happens, someone will know where to look for you.
  5. Wear a safety light/reflective clothing- The brighter, the better! While running at night or in the early morning hours, make sure to wear reflective clothing or attach a safety light to yourself so you're still visible in the dark.
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