Family Vindicated by Trial Verdict

Posted on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

In 2007, Kimberly and Robert Bassler were owners of a successful small business living the all- American dream when a car crash changed everything. Kimberly was driving the family car in Clay County when she was involved in a two-vehicle crash.

The elderly driver of the other vehicle confused the accelerator for the brake which caused the broadside impact.
Kimberly suffered life-long injuries including a torn rotator cuff and neck injury with two annular tears. The injuries greatly diminished her quality of life and left her unable to work, resulting in a drastic loss of wages.

After the crash, Kimberly and Robert, who had been paying into their uninsured motorist coverage benefit for years, found themselves in a contentious battle with their own auto insurance company, who was vehemently denying the seriousness of their permanent injuries. Prior to trial, the insurance company, Liberty Mutual, offered the Basslers just $40,000. The final verdict after the four-day trial in January 2013 was more than $850,000. Firm partner Charles Sorenson, who, along with partner Howard Coker, represented the family, says it was a true victory over the insurance company. The verdict ensured Kimberly could receive the
treatment she so desperately needed.
“The Basslers lost so much due to the crash, including their business and their home. We were so honored to have them vindicated by a jury. It was truly rewarding to get this type of result,” said Charles.