Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Jacksonville

motorcycle crash attorney jacksonville flMotorcycle crashes often result in great injury or death, making experienced legal representation a critical part of any litigation following a crash. Extensive injuries can lead to large medical bills, requiring litigation to recover costs of the injuries, treatment, loss of wages and property damage. Know what to look for when choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcycle riders are often the victims of careless drivers who fail to pay proper attention behind the wheel. Drunk drivers can be remarkably dangerous on the road, especially for bikers, who can go unseen. Florida’s comparative negligence law can entitle one to compensation, even if they were partially at fault.

If you are the relative or spouse of someone involved or  killed in a motorcycle crash, you may have a case. Contact Coker Law for an expert consultation. We have extensive experience with motorcycle crash cases, having successfully litigated many for more than 40 years.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash, follow these rules:


  • Immediately call for medical help if someone is injured.
  • Call the police. They will document the accident and gather facts for legal purposes. If you don’t call the police, it is your word against the at-fault driver’s.
  • Report the crash to your insurance agent as soon as possible.
  • Exchange information with the other parties involved, such as address and phone number, get the license plate number; make, model and year of the vehicle; driver’s insurance information; car registration number; driver’s license number.
  • Get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses.
  • Use your mobile phone to take pictures of the crash, damage to the vehicle, and the area around the crash.
  • Collect any physical evidence that could have caused the crash.
  • Gather details from the crash: draw a diagram of the crash; note the date and time; the type of weather; the location of the crash, including any landmarks.


  • Don’t panic. Remain calm and call for help.
  • Don’t leave the scene of the crash.
  • Don’t discuss the crash with anyone unless required by law enforcement.
  • Don’t forget to document and take pictures of all damages, especially your vehicle, if in a motorcycle crash.
  • Don’t wait. The longer you wait to get medical care or legal advice, the harder it is to prove your case. In most cases, you must receive medical care within 14 days or else you could lose coverage under your own policy.
  • Don’t speak to anybody from the at-fault person’s insurance company before consulting a lawyer. If you give a statement, it may be used against you in the future.
  • Don’t sign any papers given to you by an insurance company or agree to a settlement of your case until you get legal advice.

If You’re Involved in a Motorcycle Crash, What Should You Do?

Coker Law cautions motorcyclists to ride carefully.  However, if you are injured by a negligent driver, speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. You may qualify to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses related to your injuries. To speak with a Coker Law attorney or for more information, click here or call (904) 356-6071.