Insurance Denies Full Extent of Injuries

Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2019

On the way back to work from lunch on July 21, 2016, married father-of-two Majeid Bidel-Niyat was T-boned at an intersection. He was sitting in the rear passenger seat, which took most of the impact from the crash. This once-avid athlete now suffers from two disc herniations in his neck and a herniation in his back. Bidel-Niyat now has to receive pain management for the injury to his neck, as well as possible surgery to treat his back. Bidel-Niyat’s insurance company denied the full extent of his injuries and only offered $200,000. Knowing this wasn’t enough to cover the cost of his pain management, surgery, and his lost wages post-surgery, Bidel-Niyat’s attorney contacted the team at Coker Law. Coker Law has the experience and the financial backing to tackle tough cases like this one. Coker Law proved the full extent of Bidel-Niyat’s injuries and the case was resolved for $950,000.