Trucking White Paper

They’re among the worst catastrophes on the road. They leave a slew of devastation in their wake. They result in horrific injuries and fatalities. Yet, despite advances in safety measures and collision-avoidance technologies, truck accidents keep happening. Why?

In our recent e-booklet, we explore the complex layers of causation behind truck accidents – and the culprits who often get overlooked. Find out:

  • How a widespread culture of carelessness in the trucking industry creates a ticking time bomb
  • How drivers and trucking companies are often incentivized to place profits above safety
  • How digging deeper in these cases can uncover millions of dollars in potential compensation that would otherwise get left on the table
  • How to maximize your chances of a successful claim by taking swift action and conducting a thorough investigation

At Coker Law, we have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of truck accident victims and their families. With a nationally recognized legal team – including 13 lawyers who have been selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers and Rising Stars – we also provide guidance for personal injury lawyers nationwide.

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